Recipe for Skunk spray

Recipe for Skunk spray.

1. Acceptance….
Have your fit, and then accept that your dog, has in fact, been hit by a skunk.

2. Provision Assembly…..
1X dog sprayed by skunk
2 X buckets/ pails
2 X boxes of baking soda
2 X bottles of hydrogen peroxide
1 X bottle of Dawn dish detergent
1 X jar of Vicks or menthol rub
6 X ounces of vodka

3. Preparation……
Divide the baking soda, HP, and 1/4 of the Dawn equally into the pails with water a little warmer than skin temperature

4. Commitment…….
Place a dab of Vick’s or mentholated rub in each nostril.
 Consume the Vodka.
Apply the buckets and scrub the dog.
5. Relationship Compromise…..
Take dog into the house, grab the rest of the Dove, and head to the shower. Apply liberally and scrub dog in shower.
Let dog go, and call for someone to towel dry the dog.

6. Recovery……
Search for more Vodka.

7. Write a 7 step blog about it while trying to remember why you love animals.

Amendment. ….step 8.,
you realize that your dog would do it for you.

(Not so sure that the cat would)

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